About breed

About The Breed

Maine Coons Are One Of The Natural Breeds Of Cats. They Are Surprising, Gentle And Tender Animals.

This breed formed in North America, in the state of Maine, in the middle of the 19th century. Force and power, grace and endurance, tenderness and greatness - all of these qualities are combined and very noticeable in this breed.

What played the leading role in forming this breed is impossible to define, there are only guesses... Some say that it is the oldest breed of North America, others - that Vikings contributed to the origin of Maine Coons, and some even suspect that queen Antoinette had something to do with creating this breed.

For a long time these big and powerful cats, who have adapted to the severe cold climate of North America, lived alongside American farmers. Being the excellent hunters, these cats protected the crops and barns of farmers from numerous rodents and birds. American farmers grew fond of Maine Coons and were respectful to them.

Maine coon is the first purely American breed that shines at various international cat shows.

  • Maine Coon was first registered as an official cat breed in 1860.
  • The definitive standard of Maine Coons was confirmed in 1967.
  • The first association of Maine Coon owners was founded in 1968.

From the 70’s until today, Maine Coon is one of the most popular breeds in Europe. The majority of people having and raising this breed, consider them ideal pets; - their fur does not demand much care, their mind and beauty, nobleness and greatness is admired by many. Maine Coons are loyal to the whole family, and are always ready to help in any activities. They get along with children, dogs and other pets perfectly. Maine Coons are large cats. The average weight of a male varies between 8-12 kg, females usually weigh 6-9 kg, but individuals of 15 kg weight are not very uncommon. Add 8-12 cm of fur and and you will have a picture of a strong, powerful cat that is Maine Coon.

Individuals of this breed develop quite slowly. They reach their full growth when they are about 3-5 years old. However, they keep their lovely kitten-like temperament during their whole life, and are always playful, but you can expect them to sometimes become lazy and spend their evenings, tenderly purring and napping in your lap... When you come back home, they will always greet you at the door. If a Maine Coon wants to tell you something, they will not keep you waiting for long to give you a chance to hear the "Maine" language.

About The Breed Standard:

Maine Coons are the largest domestic cat breed. A typical Maine Coon has a square, extended head, large ears, a broad chest, a large neck, strong structure of bones and brawny, square-shaped body. Their long fluffy tail can be curled around their face and shoulders for warmth and protection against cold. Dense and soft fur is shorter on the head, shoulders and feet, gradually lengthening on the back and sides, forming warm "trousers" around legs and a waist. Maine Coons have extra long tufts of fur on their ears, which gives them their famous resemblance to a lynx. Different colour variants are possible.

The tail of Maine Coons is a true beauty. This breed got their nickname “Coon” for their long, fluffy, marked with dark-colored rings, racoon-like tails.

In general, Maine Coons combine beauty and force, endurance and intellect, nobleness and good nature. These qualities always were the ideal of all mankind, which brings this breed its current popularity.

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