IC Lordcoon*LT Daniella

2011 06 01

Date of birth 2011.06.01

Color 09 22 ( blue silver, classical tabby with white).

This cat was born in our cattery. Both of her parents have perfect pedigree trees and bloodlines. Daniella has a good temperament, long and strong body, tail and legs. Her head is shaped perfectly, and her ears are decorated with long hair brushes. She looks like an elegant and graceful model. Her character is friendly and calm. This amazing cat has a rare color (blue silver), a long coat, decorated with an amazing pattern. IC Lordcoon*LT Daniella is a wonderful “show” class cat. She has participated in various international shows. Judges nominated IC Lordcoon*LT Daniella for the best color (BIV) and type (Nom Bis).

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