Lady Gaga Amber Sun*LT

2012 03 12

Date of birth 2012 03 12

Color d 22, classical red tabby.

Female Lady Gaga Amber Sun*LT arrived to us from a famous Lithuanian cattery - Amber Sun*LT.

This cat is a true Lady Gaga – incredibly agile, inquisitive, affectionate and at the same time very proud. Lady Gaga Amber Sun*LT has a glossy red coat, decorated with fine a marble pattern. She is noted in exhibitions and always gets the highest points - BIV (the most beautiful and the best color). Lady Gaga has a good shaped head with high standing ears, which are decorated with long ear brushes. She is an amazing show class cat, with long and strong body and tail. This is a really cute cat.

Thank you Monika for this wonderful cat.

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