Lordcoon*LT Barbarella

2015 06 13

Date of birth: 2015-06-13

Color: f 22, turtle, classic tabby

This cat was born in our cattery. From both of her parents, she inherited an exquisite pedigree and noble bloodlines. The father of this lovely cat is a descendant of cats from a famous Italian cattery Surya Maine Coon. Maine Coons from that Italian cattery have won prestigious awards, such as WW‘ 2008.2010.2011.2012, in international worldwide cat shows. And Barbarella is related directly to these world champion

With the world champion genes, Barbarella also inherited excellent physical qualities. Barbarella is extraordinarily beautiful: she has a beautiful, turtle colored coat that is decorated with a beautiful marble-like pattern, a long strong body, a long fluffy tail, an expressive face and her ears that are decorated with long hair brushes stand high on her perfectly shaped head. Her character is very gentle and friendly, she is a loving but proud cat. Barbarella is very gracious and elegant.

Lordcoon*LT Barbarella is a wonderful Breed class cat.

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