Lordcoon*LT Elvia

2018 05 15

Date of birth: 2018 05 15

Color: f 09 - black, turtle with white.

This noble car has born in our cattery. ELVIA LORDCOON*LT has long and strong body, long tail, very expressive muzzle and perfect-shaped head with tall-standing ears, decorated with long hair brushes. She has a very soft and friendly character, shining with sweetness and pride. Cat ELVIA LORDCOON*LT is very elegant. Beautiful brushes on her ears highlight her lynx-like image. All the referees in international shows agree that the cat is “perfectly balanced and has all the best qualities on Mainecoon cat”. The cat received very high scores in international cat shows such as the most beautiful cat by color and by type (BIV).

ELVIA LORDCOON*LT is perfect „SHOW“/ „BREED” class cat.

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