Lordcoon*LT Lolo

2019 02 21

Date of birth: 2019 02 21.

Color: d 22 – red, classic tabby.

This cat was born in our cattery. Both of her parents have excellent pedigrees. LORDCOON*LT LOLO pedigree tree from her grandfather's side is associated with Italian bloodline from Surya Maine Coon cattery. Cats born in this cattery were nominated in shows - WW‘ 2008.2010.2011.2012. And our cat Otthilde is related to these world champions. The cat LORDCOON*LT LOLO is temperamental, cute, friendly and also characterized by affability. Of course, as a lady she is outstandingly graceful and elegant. Her body is long and strong, she has an expressive face, her ears stand high overhead and are decorated with the long hair.