Lordcoon*LT Uma Silver

2014 06 20

Date of birth: 2014 June 20. Color - MCO f s 09 22, 8 Class - turtle, silver, classic tabby with white.

This cat was born in our cattery. Both of her parents have perfect pedigree trees and bloodlines. In cat’s Lordcoon*LT Uma Silver pedigree tree from his father's side is Italian bloodline from the Italian cattery Surya Maine Coon. This Italian cattery breeds Maine Coon cats, and has won multiple global exhibitions - WW‘ 2008.2010.2011.2012, and our cat Uma Silver is directly related to with these world champions!

The cat Lordcoon*LT Uma Silver has an excellent temperament, a long strong body, a long tail, an excellent shaped head with high raised ears which are decorated with long hair brushes and a very expressive face. Her character is very gentle and friendly, distinguished by loveliness and pride. Uma Silver has the perfect grace and elegance.

This cat has a strong turtle-colored body and a long silver, classic tabby coat with beautiful marble drawings. Lordcoon*LT Uma Silver is a great "show" class cat and has participated in various international cat show and was highly evaluated by judges. Her achievements include the most beautiful cat's color (BIV) and the best by type (Nom Bis).

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