CH Lordcoon*LT Saxon Silver

2014 04 21

Date of birth: 2014 April 21

Color MCO ns 22- black silver, classic (marbled) tabby.

CH LT*Lordcoon Saxon Silver was born in our cattery. Both her parents have perfect pedigree trees and bloodlines. CH LT*Lordcoon Saxon Silver has an excellent temperament, a long strong body, long legs and long tail, excellent shape head with high raised ears which are decorated with long hair brushes. This cat also has a very good profile and very soft, silky fur which looks like beautiful carved drawing. This cat has the perfect grace and elegance.The character of Saxon Silver is very gentle and friendly.

This cat’s pedigree tree is fantastic. Saxon Silver’s grandfather is a leader of the Italian Surya Maine Coon cattery by winnings in cat shows. This Italian cattery born Maine Coon has won the global exhibitions - WW‘2008.2010.2011.2012 and Saxon Silver’s grandfather’s mother, Surya Maine Coon Bonita, is a world’s champion WW‘2010, and this cat’s ancestor is the father of three-time world’s champion (2010.2011.2012.) - JW Surya Maine Coon Pablo Escobar WW‘2010, 2011, 2012.

Till this day the cat CH LT*Lordcoon Saxon Silver has participated in various international cat shows many times.

International cat show in Zalgirio arena - Lithuania, Kaunas, 2014 10 4/5.

CH LT*Lordcoon Saxon Silver ( 4-7 months kittens) EX1, NOM Bis and "12 Class Special Show" has been nominated for the 2nd place from all breeds!

CH LT*Lordcoon Saxon Silver cat has won the first place in the "Silver & Golden cats Show" exhibition among cats of all breeds and ages!

The cat CH LT*Lordcoon Saxon Silver is a great “show” class cat, and he has participated in various international cat shows and was highly evaluated by judges, such as the most beautiful cat's color (BIV) and the best by type (Nom Bis, Best in Show).