Memerico Arkiza*PL

2012 02 29

Date of birth 2012 02 29

Color 22, blue silver classical (marble) tabby.

Male Memerico Arkiza*PL arrived to our cattery from Poland, Krakow. This cat has a good temperament, strong body structure, muscular legs, long tail, big head, really good profile and soft coat, which is decorated with a beautiful pattern.

His pedigree tree is fantastic! Memerico’s father is one of the world’s champions. He represents Italian cattery ”Surya Maine Coon”. Maine Coons born In this cattery have won many world class awards. They won these exhibitions - WW‘2008.2010.2011.2012. And our kitten’s Memerico Arkiza*PL grandmother - Felixcoon Odissea is the champion of the world WW‘2008. His aunt - Surya Maine Coon Bonita is the champion of the world WW‘2010 and his grandfather is the father of a champion of the world too - Surya Maine Coon Pablo Escobar WW‘2012. Memerico Arkiza*PL is a truly remarkable cat.

Thank you Monika for this Maine Coon.

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