NW'15 NW'13 GIC Lordcoon*LT Grant Black Smoke

2012 02 10

Date of birth 2012 02 10.

Color n 09 – black with white color (there is one small white spot in the bikini zone).

This is amazing cat was born in our cattery. Dark black color, long legs and body. Amazing tail! Sometimes he looks like he is made of steel, sometimes he looks like he is made of rubber… I think that he looks like a black panther, or like an Arabian horse – graceful and temperamental. He loves to play, explore the environment and people.

This male cat is super high show class level cat, and is really big, impressive temperament and amazing super black color.

Thanks to the parents of this cat – female cat IC Alwaro Blink Arrow and male cat GIC Arctic Bosque Bestia. They gifted us with an amazing kitten.

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