Female cat NW’13 GIP Lordcoon*LT Gypsy White

NW’13 GIP LT*Lordcoon Gypsy White was born in our cattery (G litter), date of birth 2012 02 10. Now she lives in Latvia. I would like to say thank you to Andzela for her love, perfect care and active participation in various cat shows with this amazing beauty white Maine Coon princess.

Altogether, NW’13 GIP LT*Lordcoon Gypsy White won these awards in various cat shows: 11x Nom Bis, 9x Best in Show! Summarizing the competition TOP CAT results cat LATVIA'2013 NW’13 GIP LT*Lordcoon Gypsy White was recognized as the best Latvian cat and got the most prestigious title of NATIONAL WINNER LATVIA'2013! Also in competition BALTIC TOP CAT'2013 (Estonian, Latvian, Lithuanian cats of all breeds participate in this competition) she took the 1st place.

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