Male cat SC Lordcoon*LT Benito Blink

Male cat SC Lordcoon LT Benito Blink was born in our cattery (B litter, 2010 07 29). Now he lives in Latvia’s capital Riga. I would like thank Andzela. She is very attentive and loves Benito Blink very much. Thanks for participating in various shows too.

This male cat is at the top of this career, because he is a – SUPRIM CHAMPION – In 2012, SC Lordcoon LT Benito Blink got one of the most prestigious awards – CAT OF THE YEAR RYGA 2012.

Altogether SC Lordcoon LT Benito Blink received these awards in various shows:
18 x BIV, 9 x Bis Nom, 3 x Best in Show, 1 x Best in Category. It’s an amazing result.

NW’12 SC Lordcoon*LT Benito Blink was nominated as the best male cat in Latvian contest TOP CAT LATVIA’2012. He got a prestigious title - NATIONAL WINNER LATVIA’2012. He was also nominated as the best cat Best cat in 2 categories.

More info can be found in the category “Our graduates”.

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