Female cat IC Alwaro Blink Arrow

IC Alwaro Blink Arrow – all best features are reflected in this cat. Both of her parents are champions of the world. She looks amazing: extreme type of head, long body and tail. Also she has fine character features: lovely, attached to people, proud and graceful.

This cat is one the most famous female cats of our cattery – mom of our graduates. She shares her best features with her kittens. In 2011, IC Alwaro Blink Arrow participated in international cat show POZNAN‘2011 and was second best among turtle-colored Maine Coons. It is really high result, because only the best cats form all over the world participated in this show.

Now IC Alwaro Blink Arrow has: 4x BIV, 4x nom BIS, 2x Best in Show.

Thanks for this wonderful kitten, Katazina.

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